Thursday 6 August 2015

Katy Perry Birthday Party for my BIG little 7yr old!

Well my BIG little girl turned 7! When I asked her what theme she wanted for her birthday I was a little shocked! You cant buy Katy Perry birthday supplies at Dollarama! So I had to be creative...I hit up Pinterest of course! I decided on a candyland  my daughter LOVED it!  Mom of the year right here!

I went to etsy (click to see) and printed a candyland themed "Happy Birthday" banner on card stock. You can purcahse a printable file that is sent to you via email. It was fast and convenient.  I hole punched each letter in both corners and then weaved pink satin ribbon through and Voila!


The cupcakes are just vanilla with a pink butter cream frosting and a touch of blue sprinkles to match Katy's hair of course! For the cupcake toppers, I printed off pictures of Katy Perry on some glossy photo paper I had lying around, cut out the heads, and taped them to a toothpick! 

The cake turned out great...but I have to confess I didn't make it. I ordered a plan white slab cake from the local grocery store and then my daughter and I decorated it. Putting on all the candy dots was the hardest part. 

 I filled up some glass canisters with a variety of candy, printed off some lyrics from her favourite Katy song, bagged some cotton candy, and we had a Katy Perry Party! 

Finally, we played some fun party games. I had a bunch of leftover rolls of streamers in a variety of different colours. I got the girls in pairs and they had to use the streamers to make the coolest party dress! We had Katy Perry karaoke, musical chairs, and freeze dance! 

We had a blast and most importantly DD loved it! 

I should note that all I ate was 1 sliver of cake! Before, I would of ate 2 pieces and munched down all those jujubes! 

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