Friday 10 July 2015

Like a Fit Girl......

Isn"t that what we all strive to be? I have decided if I think like a fit girl, I will be the fit girl!

A week ago I hit rock bottom, had my aha moment, snapped out of it and discovered that I have complete control over this. (YUP! I got myself here, I'm the only darn person that can get myself out of it!)

For, years I have said its just too hard, too much weight to lose, I'm not built to be skinny...Blah Blah Blah! Those are excuses!! 
People have lost over 100lbs! So, I can too! I began eating healthy and tracking my calories with the MyfitnessPal App (Love this!)  and using the elliptical I bought a year ago and had never stepped on until this week.

My first weigh in I lost 10lbs!!! I want this blog to be a place to share my journey and meet new people with similar struggles. 

If you happen to find yourself here please comment, share your story, and we can help each other! 

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